SP411 – Inflight Advanced Customer Service Program

This exciting program will help you see things from the passengers’ point of view and how to create positive, memorable customer service experiences which are vital to airlines. You will learn techniques to help you steer passenger interactions toward higher satisfaction levels and how to effectively build relationships with passengers that contributes to long term customer loyalty to your airline. This program will make your resume stand out.

  1. Introduction to Customer Service
    1. Welcome
      1. Why Me?
      2. Safety and Service
      3. Why People Fly...
      4. Reading People
      5. How People View Airlines
      6. Media and the Airline Industry
    2. What are expectations?
      1. We All Have Expectations
      2. Meeting Expectations
      3. Why Do We Have Expectations?
      4. Touch Points
      5. First Class Scenario
      6. The Tickle Theory
      7. Passengers Intellectual Baggage
    3. Value of Customers
      1. The Cost of a Customer
      2. The Cost of Loss
      3. Social Media
      4. Competitive Advantage
      5. The Long-term Value of a Positive Customer Experience
    4. Our Passengers Journey
      1. It’s a Journey
      2. In Our Customer’s Shoes
      3. Introduction to our Sales and Service Professional
      4. You Never Get a Second Chance...
      5. The Priming Principle
      6. Priming Protocols
    5. Our Affect
      1. Treating Passengers as our Own
      2. Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover
      3. How the Internet has Changed our Passengers
      4. Body Language
      5. International Gestures
      6. Language
      7. Being Customer Centric
  2. Sell Well
    1. Why we sell
      1. Ancillary Revenue
      2. Ancillary Revenue Streams
      3. Industry Statistics
    2. Taking Ownership
      1. Creating an Experience
      2. What’s in it for me?
      3. Competency-based Service Training
      4. Influence
      5. Internal & External Customers
      6. Benefits
      7. Brand Ambassadors
    3. Sales Techniques
      1. But I’m not a Salesperson....
      2. Making the Connection
      3. Announcements
      4. Presentation
      5. Display
      6. Other Sales Techniques
      7. Duty Free Sales Display
      8. Importance of Product Knowledge
      9. Upselling, Cross-selling and Other Unique Sales Techniques
    4. Social Media
      1. Times have changed
      2. How Customers share Bad Experiences
      3. Different perspectives
      4. Eye of the Storm
      5. Avoiding the Social Media Storm
      6. Navigating the Social Media Storm
      7. Personal Responsibility
      8. You are being watched...
      9. Off duty
      10. Do’s & Don’ts
Inflight Advanced Customer Service Program