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This Tour of the Inflight Institute will provide a glimpse inside the world's first approved Flight Attendant training school used by airlines.

The information contained inside the Inflight Institute is created and maintained by internationally recognized aviation professionals who have assisted thousands of Flight Attendants around the world to prepare to fly!

Common Questions

Where will I write exams?

Exams are taken online. Some courses have multiple exams throughout the course.

Do I need to travel to take my certificate? Don't I need hands on Training?

All Inflight Institute course content is delivered online. You can complete it at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. That being said, when invited to attend an airline's ground school, you will build upon the knowledge you have received through the Inflight Institute. You will use the knowledge built at Inflight to excel at your airlines ground school!

When can I start my course?

Right Now! By selecting Interac Online, Credit Card or PayPal, upon authorization, you will receive instant access to the course(s) you have selected and can start learning right away.