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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You're not alone. Here is a list of questions we get asked most frequently.

How long do I have in which to complete my course?

You have 18 months from the date of purchase to begin the course or 1 year from the date you start the course in which to complete.

What is the success rate?

This is a difficult number to pin point as we conduct training for many different airlines and provide many different courses. In general many of the students who successfully complete one of our certificate programs, and do well, gain employment with an airline.

Take a look at our testimonials page to see just a few of our success stories.

Does the Inflight Institute help me with job placement?

The airline industry is a fast-paced world and things change on a daily basis. Unfortunately we are not able to assist directly with job placements.

Am I guaranteed a job?

In life there are no guarantees. The successful completion of a certificate course through the Inflight Institute can assist, to get you to the front of the line when it comes to being considered for an interview or hired. It shows the airline you are serious and have prepared yourself for ground school.